The John Paul II Resource Centre
   With the passing of our great and holy Pope, John Paul II, St. Joseph’s Workers for Life & Family has decided to start a new Resource Centre in his name.

   Pope John Paul II says “To be Christian means to be Missionaries, to be Apostles. It is not enough to discover Christ - You must bring Him to others!”

   Our John Paul II Resource Centre will bring Christ to others through the wealth of information we will have on hand. We are Apostles carrying out Christ’s work!

   The Centre will specialize in providing the brilliant and inspiring teachings of John Paul II, such as his Encyclical The Gospel of Life, and his Teachings on the Theology of the Body. They are the true cure for the current problems in our society.

   We focus on distributing the materials to our future priests, teachers, reporters and even future politicians. Each of them will lead their flock towards the Truth!

   George Weigel, John Paul II’s only official biographer, called the Pope’s teaching a “Theological Time-Bomb”, just waiting to go off in this century. John Paul II’s teachings are beginning to spread, and now is the time to encourage their growth.

   Right now, for us to update and expand our John Paul II Resource Centre, we have the goal of raising $25,000. With this, we can print, purchase and distribute more of these materials across Canada.

   Can you be an Apostle that Pope John Paul II called us to be? Can you help us create our new John Paul II Resource Centre?

   To give a TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation to the John Paul II Resource Centre, please choose from the following options:

Regular Mail Donation
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