Eric Vink was appointed by the Board of Directors for St. Joseph’s Workers for Life and Family to be the new Executive Director in June 2004. Eric has many years working with charitable organizations here in Canada, United States and overseas.

   He first began his pro-life work in 1990, working under Sister Lucille Durocher at Human Life International Canada. He worked on a wide range of projects for Sister Lucille over the next few years.

   Eric continued working at Human Life International Canada, under Father Paul Marx. He served in the areas of Operations, Development, International Programs and many conferences on Love, Life and Family here in Canada and the United States.

   Leaving Human Life International Canada in 1997, Eric went on to work in the private sector, particularly in high end communication technology. He also volunteers with many local charities each year.

   Eric’s educational background is Business Administration. He is a member of The Knights of Columbus here in Ottawa.

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